Some brides are not sure if they should have a trial before their wedding day, so I thought I would give some reasons as to why they’re a great idea.

Firstly its a great idea to at least meet your makeup artist before the big day, even if it is not for a trial. You need to get a feel for each other, your makeup artist is one of the few suppliers for your wedding that you will be in close contact with on the day. Get a feel for their vibe, is this the person you want with you on the morning of your wedding?

You get to see what your makeup would look like. During a trial I will not leave until the bride is 120% happy with her look, but half the time the bride will change her mind afterwards from the look she originally wanted- which I think is great! When you first envision your look for the day you may want something very natural, maybe with certain colours, you go to your trial and walk out really happy, but throughout the day you realise maybe it wont go with the style of your dress or hair or whatever it may be. By having a trial you’ve had the chance to see and wear your makeup and decide whether it is, or maybe isn’t, the way you’d like it to be.

The makeup artist will be able to have your makeup perfect for the wedding day if you have a trial! A trial may not be perfect- you may find that your eyes run, you realise you tend to rub your nose a lot and the makeup may have worn off a little, your lips were too dry and it made your lipstick look flaky- but by having a trial and reporting back to your makeup artist about these problems is the best way to ensure flawless makeup for your day. All problems can be fixed very simply with different techniques and tricks, but only if your makeup artist knows about them.

I strongly encourage a trial for your wedding. I completely understand that some brides are keeping everything low-key, casual and affordable, and I will always do my best if a bride chooses not to have a trial, however if you want the absolute best makeup for your wedding day, a trial is the best way to ensure that that’s what you’ll get.